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I know what you’re doing. I’m not a fucking moron. You’re not even really trying to hide it.

I’m doing a weekly Psych journal for Fuko and I’m looking at this thing, like, “Man, this is super fucking personal…” And I’m asking myself something along the lines of, “How the hell do I write two pages of this without making her seem like an underage drinker who works on cars 70% of her free time?” This will be interesting. LOL. Ahhhhh, the struggles. 

I should’ve been an English Major.

Ever just see something and your heart literally burns through your chest to shatter on the floor? That happened. No words. No screaming. Just heartbreak. I dont want to really say anything. Nor do I think I will. I dont know what to say about it or know or what to do to fix it.

All I can say is that this is karma and I deserve it. Murphys law. This shouldn’t have been the worst thing to happen to me. But it is. Its probably me just over reacting, but the feeling is real. I uninstalled all of the apps except for tumblr. I dont want to see that shit.


I hope you know how much you mean to me now and how much you’re on my mind. It’s insane, but I just can’t get your smile out of my head, it makes me smile like a fucking idiot.

and I like it.

Jacie couldn’t have said it better herself. Why am I jealous? You’re not even mine.

Man. I cant really post this on twitter. So yeah. Theres only a small handful of people I miss so right now. And only two people I cant wait to see when im back in houston again. Japan has been stupid fun and I still have a million pictures to post anf start posting. But idk. I cant wait to see someone. Some people that you miss.. you know???

Hey guys. I have have a phone that can actually do things now. So expect me to spam all your shit now.