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Can you kinda.. Chill out..?

I appreciate all you did for me. It might have been for all the wrong reasons, and you might have been fake. I realized that, and I won’t lie that I was being childish about it. But you should be happy that things turned out the way that they turned out. Don’t be a child right back and start hating me for how things turned about because of me. You made your choices, and so did I. We both had no one to blame except for ourselves. 

You should be HAPPY for YOURSELF about how things turned out. You two are CLOSER than EVER, right? RIGHT? How many experiences do you now have under your belt that you could honest say that you wouldn’t have had before? You have quite a bit, right? Then take that, and appreciate where the fuck you are right now. I’m not going to ask you for any forgiveness, because I won’t forgive you for anything right now. 

I hate you, let’s get this straight. I can say that now without a fucking doubt in my mind. 


RESPECT you as a person and for who you are, who you’re with, what you’re doing, and what you will do. Let’s both be adults about it now and see everything for what it is and not instigate anything any further. I’m following what Joe said to me and letting it be. I’m going to have to let anger go eventually and just have it be what it is. And I probably will in the future. 

I’m happy that you’re happy for where you are in life, and it’s EXACTLY where you want it to be. GOOD! Go and continue that, go and continue experiencing what you are experiencing. Just understand that you probably wouldn’t be where you would be right now if things didn’t go the way that they did. The same goes for me, and I’m happy where I am right now. So you could say that things did work out for the both of us. We both got some good lessons from our experiences, and I’ll do what any person would.. They would take those lessons and move the fuck on. 

So. Be happy! There are things no one can forgive, and there are things that should never had happened. Fuck It Shit Happens.  That’s something you told me yourself.