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Alright, if you’re a consumer and you’re considering picking up the new Xbox One console, then please, take a moment to listen to me. Before we begin, no, I am not a fanboy or a hater. I have no console Bias. I have a PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, and a Gaming PC. Each has their pros and cons but now onto business.

DO NOT BUY AN XBOX ONE. Why? See the reasons below:

Xbox Requires an internet connection. Here’s how it works: Every 24 hours your Xbox will try to connect to Microsoft’s servers for verification. If it is unable to connect, sucks to be you. You’re blocked from playing even single player games until it can connect.


Do you like renting games, lending them to a friend, or even borrowing them from a friend? No longer possible. Every Xbox One game you get must be registered to your Xbox live account to be played. After that point it will only work for you. No one else can use it unless they pay a fee. Essentially it works like this. You pick up a used Xbox One game from somewhere or someone, pop it into your console. The system verifies it’s been registered to your account. Uh-oh, it isn’t! In order to play it, you have to pay Microsoft a fee, which is currently slated to be full retail price. Doesn’t matter how scratched up it is or how cheap you got it at gamestop or from a friend. You aren’t just buying the physical copies anymore. You’re paying Microsoft for a LICENSE to be allowed to play that game.

It is worth mentioning Microsoft is exploring ways for you to trade in and resell your used games. This is rumored to mean that you can sell your digital license to play the game (registration) back to microsoft, likely for microsoft points. You can then trade in the game at gamespot for some cash if you like. Either way, as it currently stands, the new owner would still have to pay a fee on top of the price of actually buying the physical copy.


Is it worth mentioning that Microsoft if shafting Indie Developers as well? Where as on Playstation Network or (whatever the Wii has) Indie Developers can self publish their content easily. Playstation even encourages this. Microsoft however forces these Indie Devs to enter publishing deals with them to be allowed to market their content. You don’t go through them, you don’t get to sell what you developed.


I’m not quite done yet! Now, I’m sure you heard a lot about “TV TV TV TV SPORTS TV TV SPORTS SPORTS TV.” Yes, the Xbox is slated to be able to stream live tv, live sports, etc. So let me ask you this. You obviously already have something like cable or DirecTV. Do you really want to shell out hundreds of dollars more and pay a monthly subscription fee to have another television provider? Yes, I said hundreds of dollars, and I don’t mean the cost of the console. To view live TV from the Xbox you are required to purchase ANOTHER separate device for it to work. Why would you even consider shelling out more money for something you already have anyway? Even if you didn’t, DirecTV is cheaper. Or you could even subscribe you and watch live tv on your computer. FOR MUCH CHEAPER. You essentially have to buy another cable box if you don’t have one. And if you do… what do you need the Xbox One for?


So far we’ve discovered that the Xbox One is not really a gaming console, at least… not a consumer friendly gaming console. It’s being marketed as an all-in-one home entertainment system. Something to replace all of the other devices in your house. But there are drawbacks even to that. Put on your tin foil hats for this part folks. Take from it what you will, all I’ll say is… possibilities…

The Xbox One’s features will not function unless the Kinect is plugged in and active. This is not an optional piece anymore.


So imagine your Kinect piece breaks? Tough luck, no more Xbox for you. But you know what’s worse?

Pay attention, because this is important. The Kinect is always watching. Always listening. Even when the system is off.

Yes. One of the ways to turn the system on is to audibly say: “Xbox On” while the system is off. The Kinect, which is always on, hears you and turns it on. Now this might seem like a cool feature, but did you know Microsoft patented a feature that would allow the Kinect’s camera (It’s no longer just a sensor, but a camera) to spy on you for the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America?) While they may not actually do this, it is actually possible for them to do this now. It has a camera, and a microphone. The Kinect is always on. It is ALWAYS listening, ALWAYS watching.

An idea has been tossed around that by using this feature, it will allows game developers and movie produces to set a limited amount of how many people can be allowed to view the entertainment. So as a hypothetical example, you and three friends are watching a movie, which is the maximum allowed. A fourth friend enters the room and the Kinect’s sensor registers the fourth individual. The movie stops and you a prompted to pay a fee so that the extra individual may also view the film. Again, that is NOT currently the case, but these are the ideas currently being tossed around with the system’s current capabilities.

Source for listening:

Source of spying:

Now, just two more things and I’ll be done here!

This isn’t really a good or bad thing, but it’s annoying. It also explains how they can prevent you from playing a used game if you didn’t pay their fee. Xbox one no longer plays games off the discs, you HAVE to install them to the hard-drive in order to play them. I believe PS3 also has you do this (on a number of games but not always it seems), except that PS3 isn’t trying to Nickle and Dime you at every corner. It also seems according to this article there is something related to the Online portion at the beginning of this post. The option is there for Developers to require the Xbox to always be online to play their particular game. Well, it seems PC gamers and console gamers have one thing in common now… DRM.

(At least pirates on PC can bypass DRM easily. Not an option for Consoles.)


And last but not least, another annoyance… Xbox One will not be compatible with any and all current headsets. Nope, companies will either have to make new headsets altogether specifically for the Xbox One, and they have to adhere to what Microsoft wants. Look forward to price gouging.


Oh, one more thing… If you have an Xbox 360, don’t get rid of it. Why? Well if you want to keep playing your old 360 games you’ll need it. The Xbox One isn’t backwards compatible. At all. Not only that, but President of Microsoft’s Xbox Division Don Mattrick insults the very notion of backwards compatibility! He calls it: “Backwards thinking.”


Source of insult:

That is all I have to say currently folks, and I hope you took the time to read this far. I’ll conclude with the following… please… PLEASE do not buy this console. Paying for this supports greedy and anti-consumer business practices. Speak with your wallet, and pass up the Xbox One. No matter what games it might have that you want, even if they are exclusive. Do the right thing and make a statement. Refuse to be nickle and dimed like this. Refuse to be seen as a mindless consumer who will buy anything tossed to them.

We won’t know much else until after E3, but as it stands now, the PS4 or a decent gaming PC is the best way to go.

If you are willing to do so, please spread this post around. Liking is not even remotely necessary, but do please share it if you agree with and acknowledge what you’ve read here. The more people know, the fewer of them waste their money.

Thank you, kindly.

~Dylan Jordan


(Originally posted on Facebook by one of my friends. He brings up many valid points. Mind you, I haven’t been a fan of Xbox in a long time and I will most likely get a PS4. But this confirms further for me that I won’t be getting an Xbox one any time in the foreseeable future.) 

I very rarely reblog non AC but I think it’s important that as many people as possible are informed about this.

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My Little Skype Group

I’d like to start things off with I Hate You All.

Because that’s what expected of me to say. But let me get that out of the way. I’m glad that we were all able to actually come together, stay, and talk a hell of a lot more. I mean, yeah, it all started because of League, it was an easier way for us all to say, hey, let’s play a game, and then hop on to start one. But then after a while it became a hell of a lot more than that. We all started talking outside of the game about regular things, our lives. 

So pretty much, we’re all coming up on one year since we’ve started the group, and I’ve just wanted to say how that you guys are all great. You’ve all taught me things I didn’t know, and I’ve sure it’s the same throughout all of us. I’m at a real loss of words because I’ve just been thinking about it all recently.

We’ve not all been talking and whatnot as much as we used to, but I’m going to attribute that to the fact that we’re in the last stretch of the semester, and that we all have jobs now. A year has come a long fucking way for us all. So I’m glad we’ve all become friends through the little shit that we’ve done. 

Doesn’t change that I hate you fuckers. I won’t ever forget that you all made me talk and laugh so fucking hard when my voice was dying, then did die the next day. Fuck. 

Quick Edit

Joe you don’t talk to any of us anymore, you fucker.

Finally Back Home

It’s been a hectic past couple of days guys.. And pretty much all I can say is.. Thank fucking Christ I’m back in my own house, and I’m actually about to go and knock out on my own bed. 

It was great that I got to see some old friends that I haven’t seen in about half a year, and it was even better that I got to spend time with her, don’t get any of that wrong. But the combination of just wanting to be home and relax, and the added situations of being in another car accident as well as being pushed out all night to midnight again.. Just made things a bit hectic after the craziness of last night’s party went down. I’ll post some shit on it later.. But pretty much.. I just kind of want to chill right now. 

Tomorrow… I’m going to go to Discovery Green with her tomorrow for the fireworks, this year won’t be bad at all. I’m glad this year is ending on a very good night as compared to what happened last. I’m glad to be where I am at today.

Do you want to know why no one likes you?

Especially right now? You’re a fucking idiot who holds a grudge, you take everything out of proportion and don’t hold yourself accountable for any of your own fucking actions. Learn to take a joke, learn to know when no one is specially talking to you, learn to know when the FUCK to let something go, learn when something doesn’t concern you, or is directed at you. Grow the fuck up. 

Think about what you fucking say before it leaves your fucking mouth. 

Can you kinda.. Chill out..?

I appreciate all you did for me. It might have been for all the wrong reasons, and you might have been fake. I realized that, and I won’t lie that I was being childish about it. But you should be happy that things turned out the way that they turned out. Don’t be a child right back and start hating me for how things turned about because of me. You made your choices, and so did I. We both had no one to blame except for ourselves. 

You should be HAPPY for YOURSELF about how things turned out. You two are CLOSER than EVER, right? RIGHT? How many experiences do you now have under your belt that you could honest say that you wouldn’t have had before? You have quite a bit, right? Then take that, and appreciate where the fuck you are right now. I’m not going to ask you for any forgiveness, because I won’t forgive you for anything right now. 

I hate you, let’s get this straight. I can say that now without a fucking doubt in my mind. 


RESPECT you as a person and for who you are, who you’re with, what you’re doing, and what you will do. Let’s both be adults about it now and see everything for what it is and not instigate anything any further. I’m following what Joe said to me and letting it be. I’m going to have to let anger go eventually and just have it be what it is. And I probably will in the future. 

I’m happy that you’re happy for where you are in life, and it’s EXACTLY where you want it to be. GOOD! Go and continue that, go and continue experiencing what you are experiencing. Just understand that you probably wouldn’t be where you would be right now if things didn’t go the way that they did. The same goes for me, and I’m happy where I am right now. So you could say that things did work out for the both of us. We both got some good lessons from our experiences, and I’ll do what any person would.. They would take those lessons and move the fuck on. 

So. Be happy! There are things no one can forgive, and there are things that should never had happened. Fuck It Shit Happens.  That’s something you told me yourself.